Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mahalah Farm

Ancestral House at Mahalah Farm down Cuba way. Two vultures live up top the roof.
Yahwa is the proprietor of Mahalah Farm. It is named after her Grandmother. Her family owns many acres in both Sumter and Choctaw Counties. They've been on this land since the 1860s. That's an old commode in the foreground.  It's the last remnant of an outhouse
 Mahalah Farm cultivates many organic goods. Yahwa's goals are far-reaching, visionary and inspiring. She is a member of a broad coalition of African-American farmers which few urban folk are aware even exists.
I brought along these Brooklynites.

Yahwa holds the flower holds the seeds.
They built these Hoop Houses for year-round growing.

 I love the elegant bamboo. It is a mighty and beautiful tree.

Yahwa is a mighty and beautiful woman.

This child gets a taste of fresh water.

Yahwa and her crew took the time out of their busy day to host our visit and we thank them.